Sticker Printers | Digital Printing

We’ve been printing stickers since 1997. Even though we supply a large variety of products that are digitally printed such as banners, flags, business cards & pamphlets, stickers make up around 30% of our total turnover.

We can print a large variety of different stickers – from barcode lables, lables with numbers that follow one another, kiss cut lables, domed or gel stickers, wine lables, bottle lables, bumper stickers, license disc stickers etc

We can also print just about any form, shape or size stickers.

We mainly make use of 3 different printing processes for stickers or labels:

Digital Printing

We mainly use this process when a low quantity of labels are ordered. These get printed directly from a computer to a digital printer and thus there are no additional setup or get ready charges. We use this process with low quantities (for example; 2000 or less for a sticker of 90x50mm). Because the same machine that does the printing also cuts the sticker, simply by adding a cut line into the artwork before printing, making almost any shape is easy. This process has the advantage of being cost effective on low quantities and it is a relatively fast process. However the disadvantage lies with the stickers being expensive when ordering large quantities as the price doesn’t drop in relation to the quantity ordered. We also use this process when clients have large orders, but who are pressed for time and need their order in a day or two.

Ordering digital printed stickers in bulk will affect the price of your printing order by decreasing it. Only with litho and flexo the price decrease will reach a limit and from there on a standard price will be charged. Digital printed stickers are also cut out in the process .

From the time the artwork have been supplied or approved and depending on the quantity of stickers ordered the whole printing process can take up to 3-5 working days.

These digitally printed stickers are usually supplied in sheets about an A3 size, so that you basically just pull the stickers off and paste or apply them.

For additional protection on digitally printed stickers we could laminate them with clear vinyl at an additional cost worked out per square. The cost for laminating your sticker order can double the standard price.

A typical digitally printed vinyl sticker quotation would be worded as follows:

Stickers, digitally printed in 1 – full colour on monomeric vinyl (price remains the same, irrespective the of amount of colours to be printed) Size 90 x 50mm, quantity: 1 000: R1.40 each, excl vat

Total amount for 1 000 stickers: R1 400 + vat = R1 596

These stickers will be supplied in +- size A3 sheets, +- 24 stickers on a sheet

Turnaround time: +- 2 working days

Litho Printing

This process is recommended when larger quantities of stickers are ordered (for example 2 000 or more stickers of around 90 x 50mm) This process uses a method of preparing positives and plates for every colour that is used, which is quite different from digital printing. With this process the amount of colours in the artwork plays a huge roll. An order for litho printed stickers takes about 10 to 15 working days to complete. With regards to this process the client is also limited to the mould sizes available, unless they are willing to pay a very high price (around R3800 excl + 3 additional working days) to have a mould made to their specifications.

A typical litho printed vinyl sticker quotation would be worded as follows:

Stickers, Litho, 90 x 50mm, printed in cmyk process colours on 90 gram/m² semi gloss white paper, machine varnished. Supplied in rolls (1 000 stickers on a roll): 0.98c each, excl vat.

Total amount for 1 000 stickers: R980 + vat = R1 117.20

Turnaround time: 7 working days

Screen Printing

This process was widely and very poplar about 10 years ago, until the digital printing industry started blooming. Screen printing is the process also used for T-shirt and corri board printing. Very much like in the litho printing process, one also needs to prepare individual positives and screens for each colour used. This makes screen printing a time consuming process, but very cost effective in large quantities. Lower quantities this process will be the most expensive one, especially when more than 1 colour is being used. This process would usually only be recommend when the client requires the stickers to last longer, especially in direct sunlight. When compared to the other two processes this one would last 3 to 4 times longer in cases where they are exposed to direct sunlight. An order for screen printed stickers will take around 10 to 12 working days to complete.

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